Drumpf.WTF combines a unique blend of humor and socially-conscious commerce  to support those who resist Donald Trump's dangerous policies and rhetoric. 

10% of all profits support Drumpf Fund, a hand-picked selection of non-profit organizations fighting for civil rights, equality, a strong free press and transparency in government. Our operation is small, but since 2017 we have donated nearly $3,000 to the organizations highlighted below. Even if you choose not to purchase from us we encourage you to research and support the organizations below. 

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The philosophy and purpose of our mission has two phases:

Phase I began November 8th, 2016 and requires us to PARODY this presidency, PROTEST this presidency and PREVENT this presidency from doing lasting damage to our nation. 

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Phase II will begin after trump leaves office. We must RECONCILE our differences with each other, REBUILD our democratic institutions and REMEMBER how we got here so we never return.

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